New Keyless Entry Product Available At Thornhill Security – Burg Wachter TSE

new productsAt Thornhill, we’re always looking for new security products, our latest offering comes in the form of the TSE Home Set 4001 from Burg Wachter. With keyless entry and combination access for up to 6 unique users; the TSE range is set to be the must-have door security system for every home and business. The simple installation allows for the lock to be up and running in minutes

find out more about this innovative product and how it can secure your home.

At A Glance: Key Features Of The TSE 4001

  • 6 digit code making up to 1 million different combinations
  • Optional separate e-keys available
  • Can be fitted on all interior and exterior doors up to 120mm
  • Optional weather shield for keypad
  • AES encrypted wireless communication between keypad and cylinder
  • Up to 20,000 operations before battery change required
  • Low battery warning symbol
  • Keypad fitable up to 4m range from the door
  • Easy assembly – old fitting remain unchanged no cabling or drilling required
  • Available in two stylish designs – white or matte chrome

The Affordable, Practical Alternative To A Classic Key System

If you’re prone to misplacing your keys, the keyless entry system of the TSE can provide real benefit to you – the wireless keypad enables you to set a secret 6-digit entry code making up to one million different codes possible. If you’re part of a shared house it’s possible to set up to 6 unique users, enabling access for 6 different individuals.

The keypad has a simple, user-friendly interface and can be mounted up to 10 metres away from the door itself. Alternatively, up to 5 handy radio keys can be set up to quickly open your door at the press of a button when in range – the keypad can be operated up to 20,000 times before a battery change is needed, and the cylinder up to 40,000.


The TSE can be installed on any interior or exterior doors with a thickness of up to 120mm, making it the ideal complete home security solution. It’s simple and easy to install, the profile cylinder will replace your old mechanical one with the use of a basic screwdriver and Allen key – meaning existing fittings remain unchanged; assembly of the unit requires no cabling or drilling and it is easily replaceable once installed – follow our DIY installation instructions if you’re planning on installing your own TSE Home System:

  1. Remove your existing euro-profile cylinder from your door and replace with TSE cylinder by sliding it in from the outside of the door.
  2. Screw the electronic TSE profile cylinder in place, the integrated detent system will help you adjust to the doors thickness
  3. Replace the exterior knob using an Allen key, ensure that both thumb turns can spin freely
  4. Install the TSE keypad in an appropriate position (up to 10m)

More Help and Advice

We are now stocking the Burg Wachter TSE alongside our vast offering of security products; we can help you every step of the way from initial purchase to installation and maintenance. Give us a call on 0117 9674994 for more help and advice or to find out more about our new products.


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