Mul T Lock Breaksecure XP

The Mul-T-Lock Breaksecure XP lock is designed for external doors both in domestic and commercial properties. Its patented anti-snap cylinder design prevents intruders from snapping the internal mechanism of the lock and gaining entry to your premises.

Even if attackers use significant force, the lock has a unique protection mechanism – Breaksecure – whereby the front portion of the lock will snap off. The lock is still useable in this form, but the intruder has no surface with which to grip with a wrench.

Whilst the stats vary, a  significant number of burglaries occur where the intruder has gained access via a door. Fitting the Breaksecure XP offers property owners a robust locking mechanism and complete peace of mind for their valuables.

Key Features

  • Anti-Drill Lock – designed from high strength materials the lock can withstand prolonged drilling.
  • Grip Resistant – prevents attackers from wrenching the device
  • Break Secure – the front part of the lock is designed to snap off if tampered with, leaving the internal mechanism intact and the door still locked.
  • Interlocking Cams – internally the cams interlock to provide greater strength.
  • Crumple zone – the cylinder is designed to crumple to a predefined pattern when it is under attack.
  • Bump Resistant – Burglars will not be able to ‘bump’ the lock by inserting an illegal key and tapping it to release the cams and open the door.

 The lock when fitted by a specialist comes with a 10-year guarantee and can be used with any PVCu, composite front, conservatory, or back door.

door handle and Mul T Lock Breaksecure XPSecurity Specifications

The Mul-T Breaksecure XP lock is recognised as a very strong lock that will protect and act as a deterrent from your property being attacked.

  • Awarded a BSI Kitemark – The lock is recognised with the BSI Kitemark and tested to BS EN 1303:2015, TS007 3star
  • Recognised by the Police – The Breaksecure XP is endorsed by Secure by Design – the Police Preferred Specification, recognised as helping to reduce and deter crime.
  • Required for Insurance – Some insurance companies will insist that a BSI lock is used to be eligible for cover.

How easy is it to enter your property?

Watch the video below to find out more about how intruders gain entry to properties and how Breaksecure can help.

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