How To Make Your Rental Property More Secure

If you’re a landlord, you’ll know that security is an important factor for your tenants. Having proper security systems in place improves tenant satisfaction and reduces the risk of a break-in which can lead to property damage costs.

You may also have short periods between tenancies where the property is empty, this can be a prime opportunity for a break-in so its important the property is secure even when vacant.

Read our guide for help and advice on securing your rental property, as well as product recommendations designed for landlords and tenants.

Master Key Systems For Access Controlled Organisation

Master key systems are commonly used in residential housing blocks, offices, hospitals and HMO’s. These systems allow landlords to assign keys to different people to grant them access to certain properties, so all tenants are given the same key but each one will have a pre-set level of access to their property.

This can be extremely useful for landlords, for example, when arranging maintenance for properties they can simply give the maintenance team a key which grants them access to the properties they need to visit without compromising security or giving them multiple keys. 
Thornhill security master key

Key Cabinets For Secure and Organised Storage Of Keys

Key Cabinets or key safes as they are sometimes known are designed to keep numerous keys organised and secure. Having a key cabinet allows you to index keys for each of your properties, safely store spare keys and account for any missing keys.

These key cabinets are very useful for landlords who carry out their own viewing for tenants. Our key cabinets are available in a range of carrying capacities starting from 20 keys.

Secure Safes For Tenants

Providing your tenants with a small domestic safe helps them keep their valuables secure, and can encourage a healthy relationship with them. Much like a hotel safe, once purchased and installed, it can stay there for all future tenancies.

As tenants will change, we recommend an electronic combination locking system for your safe, this way you can simply reset the code after each tenancy as opposed to changing the lock entirely.

At Thornhill Security, we have a range of domestic safes suitable for letted properties – you can even customise the design of your safe to compliment the aesthetics of the room.

safe customisation service

Security Grilles For Windows and Doors

Our range of security grilles can be fitted to almost any door or window these grilles provide a robust extra layer of protection – giving you and your tenant peace of mind, particularly when the property is vacant.

These grilles are fully retractable meaning they won’t obstruct any light into the building when open or closed. Additionally, in the summertime, windows can safely be left ajar with the grilles closed – allowing a breeze to come in without any danger of an intruder gaining entry.

Practical Tips For Keeping A Rental Property Secure

In addition to the products listed above, there are a number of other procedures and products you may consider to prevent a break-in at one of your properties.

  • Keep the exterior of your property well lit – motion activated lights are a good investment.
  • Give your tenants an emergency number to get through to you.
  • Go through tenant screening checks before accepting their application.
  • You may wish to install a door chain or viewer to give tenants an extra layer of security.
  • Protect your tenants to protect yourself – ensure that all windows, doors and locks are functional and up to the latest security standards. They will also need to adhere to the stipulations on your insurance policies.

Thornhill Tip – We do not recommend self-locking doors for rental properties or HMO’s. Whilst sometimes convenient, they can result in frequent calls from tenants who have locked themselves out.

Keep Your Rental Property Secure With Thornhill

At Thornhill, we’ve worked with numerous landlords over the years to provide security solutions for their properties. Whether you let one property or have a portfolio of hundreds – we can help. Give one of our expert team a call on 0117 967 4994 today or pop into our fully stocked security store.


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