Squire SS100 Padlock

If you own a commercial premises and require a very high level of security then consider the Squires SS100 padlock. Designed to withstand serious criminal damage with heavy duty tools, it is one of the strongest padlocks on the market.

It is the first padlock to achieve The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) SR4 Standard. The LPCB is the international certification body in security and fire protection and the SR4 standard means it can resist attempts at forced entry by an experienced assailant for 10 minutes using tools such as drills and jigsaws.

Types of Properties where the SS100 could be used:

The SS100 is designed for properties and premises that require exceptionally strong protection against experienced criminals attempting to gain entry, this could include:

  • Perimeter Gates
  • Warehouses
  • Outbuildings
  • Shipping containers
  • Lorries
  • Trailers and high security doors.
  • Heavy machinery

Key Features of the Squire SS100 Padlock

  • Solid hardened steel lock body
  • Electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish
  • Hardened boron alloy steel shackle
  • Anti-drill protection
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Dual cylinder lock

Product Specifications

The SS100 comes in both a closed and open shackle version. The lock is 100mm wide and made of solid steel weighing in at 4.3Kg.

The padlock is dual cylinder and you can have same key or two key options. Both versions can also be keyed-alike or master-keyed to suit your requirements.

Plus – the lock is resistant to a tensile pull of over 24 tonnes (equivalent of 2 double decker busses!)

Padlock Type Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Shackle Diameter (mm) Vertical Shackle Clearance (mm) Horizontal Shackle Clearance (mm)
Open Shackle 100 62 20 40 48
Closed Shackle 100 62 20 33 28

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