ABUS Extreme Padlock Range

The ABUS Extreme 83WPCS/53 and 83WP/53 padlocks are a pair of solid brass padlocks with extreme weather protection features, these padlocks are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

The special hardened alloy shackle with nano protect technology means these padlocks won’t rust or corrode, even if left to the elements for long periods of time.

Key Features Of The ABUS Extreme Padlocks

  • Pin tumbler cylinder with anti-pick mushrooms makes padlocks resistant to lockpicking.
  • Ball bearing locking system to negate any attempts to pry the lock open.
  • Nano protect technology makes padlocks rust and corrosion proof.
  • 83WPCS/53 fitted with a shackle to protect against other attacks.
  • Can be fitted as part of a master key system.


Model ABUS Protection Standard Width Height
83WPCS/53 9 56.5mm 97.5mm
83WP/53 9 56.5mm 97.5mm


The ABUS Extreme range is best suited to harsh environments where higher levels of security are required. One of the key features of the Extreme range is the nano protect technology, protecting against corrosion from saltwater for up to 40 years. Environments this range of padlocks may be installed include:

  • Docks, shipyards and ports.
  • On board ships.
  • Shipping containers in transit.

ABUS Extreme 83WP/63

The 83WP/63 is another padlock in the ABUS extreme range, unlike the other two padlocks in this range, the 63 body is crafted of solid steel instead of brass for ultimate protection.

Whilst the steel body makes the padlock more secure from brute force attacks, it does mean the padlock is slightly more susceptible to rust and corrosion; making its brass counterparts a smarter choice for naval and marine applications where saltwater is present.

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