Yale Digital Lock

If you continuously misplace your keys or often lock yourself out then this Digital Lock range from Yale is an ideal alternative. The keyless touch screen pad ensures that there is no trace of your secret pin code unlike those with mechanical buttons.

Key Features of a Yale Keyless Digital Lock

  • Low Power Consumption – This battery powered digital lock can open your door up to 10,000 times with one set of batteries.
  • Warning Light Feature when batteries run low – an Emergency Battery Connection feature ensures entrance even when you forget to replace the batteries.
  • Easy DIY self-fitting suitable for traditional timber doors
  • Option of 2 codes available – Regular ‘family code’ and ‘visitor’ code which was be changed to allow visits access to your premises
  • Supplied with a night latch or works in conjunction with existing one
  • Weather resistant
  • Fake Pin Code feature – to avoid accidently giving away your pin code this feature allows you to enter decoy numbers to confuse anyone watching

For more information and additional advice about all of our Digital Locks, call one of our Security Specialists on 0117 967 4994 who are always on hand to help.