Key Management – Best Practice for Businesses

When it comes to security and access control, efficient key management is a critical part of safeguarding your assets, properties, and sensitive areas.

Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or landlord, understanding the importance of key management and utilising the right products can make a significant difference to the overall security of your premises.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the benefits of proper key management and showcase products, including master key systems and key cabinets that can improve key management.

The Importance of Key Management for Businesses

The first step to buying a safe is to think about what you need to put in a safe? Is it just for expensive jewellery, or will it be for larger items such as a laptop or a gun? Deciding exactly what you are going to need to store securely will help you decide how large or small the safe needs to be.

There are some safes that are specifically designed for jewellery or cash that are small and compact, whilst others are larger or can be made bespoke and still others that can be hidden under the floor.

Proper key management is essential for any business. It ensures that authorised individuals have access to designated areas whilst also preventing unauthorised entry both externally and internally. Here are some key benefits of implementing a robust key management system:

  • Enhanced Security – With proper key management in place, you can control who has access to specific areas, minimising the risk of unauthorised entry and eliminating internal threats which are often overlooked.
  • Efficiency – Managing a multitude of keys can be time consuming. An organised system simplifies key access and minimises the chances of lost or misplaced keys.
  • Flexibility – Key management systems can adapt to your business needs, from single buildings to multi-site organisations, allowing you to control and restrict access to specific areas.
  • Cost Savings – A proper key management system can save you money by reducing the need for excessive keys and frequent lock changes.

Master Key Systems

For businesses with complex security needs, a master key system is the ultimate solution to key management.

A master key system can operate across all areas of the building across multiple sites and even geographical territories providing efficient access control wherever needed.

Additionally, master key systems can be customised for multi-occupancy scenarios. For instance, in commercial buildings, each tenant’s key opens their individual doors, granting them access to areas like storage units, shared spaces, and service areas.

This flexibility also means that estate agents can provide individual keys for each tenant while retaining a master key for essential tasks such as inspections and maintenance.

At Thornhill Security, we stock a range of master key systems from manufacturers including ABS, Mul-T-Lock and ABUS.

ABS M Series Thumbturn Lock

Key Cabinets & Key Safes

Key cabinets are essential for securely storing and controlling keys, ensuring that they are easily accessible to authorised personnel while safeguarded from theft or misuse.

Thornhill Security provides a range of key cabinets designed to meet the requirements of any business.

  • Key Cabinets – Key cabinets offer a secure way to store keys and padlocks. At Thornhill Security, we supply our own range of high quality key cabinets with options including clear fronted, mobile, padlock view, key control systems and extra secure cabinets to meet the needs of any business.

  • Key Safes Key safes are designed for outdoor use and are a low cost way of providing secure access to a property. They’re a convenient and safe way to store keys for remote access, ideal for care workers, holiday lets, property management and maintenance teams.

KeySecure Key Safe

Access Control Systems

Another measure that can be taken by business to improve key management is using an access control system, these locking mechanisms give businesses full control over who can access the premises.

Because the system is managed internally by the business, measures such as restricting staff access when they leave, stopping access in the event of stolen keys and setting time controls can all be implemented effortlessly to improve key management.

Furthermore, in the event of an emergency, the access control system can unlock all doors without the need for keys; allowing building users to exit as quickly as possible.

At Thornhill Security, we stock a range of access control systems including the Smartair access control system from Mul-t-Lock which can be mounted directly onto almost any existing mechanical lock.

Smartair access control system

Talk to the Experts

If you are wasting valuable time and having security headaches due to poor key management, we can help.

Our expert team can assess your needs and recommend the best products for you based on your requirements and budget.

To get started, give one of our security experts a call today on 0117 967 4994 or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you.

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