Special Key Cabinets Range

At Thornhill Security, we supply and install the special security range of key cabinets as part of our extensive range.

Our standard range of special security key cabinets can hold between 60 and 300 keys, with our free standing range providing secure storage from 950 to as many as 3,000 keys.

All of our special security key cabinets are designed to meet higher levels of security standards, made from solid steel with a 6mm door.

Key Features of the Special Key Cabinets Range 

  • The cabinets are constructed to high-security standards.
  • All cabinets are supplied with adjustable colour coded hook bar.
  • To enable better organisation of keys, all cabinets from our special security range come with key tags, numbers and rings and an index card.
  • The cabinet comes with 2 keys.
  • The special security range can be fitted with alternative locking mechanisms including electronic and mechanical combination.

We recommend that these cabinets are recessed into a wall for maximum security.

Specifications of the Special Key Cabinets Range

Model Capacity Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Depth (mm)
60 Special 60 keys 460 436 23 120
100 Special 100 keys 460 636 30 200
200 Special 200 keys 460 636 40 215
300 Special 300 keys 460 636 45 300

Special Security Free Standing Range

The free standing range offers storage for a significant number of keys, from 950 to 3,000, the internal layout is also designed to allow for better organisation of keys.

Specifications of the Free Standing Special Key Cabinets Range

Model Capacity Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Depth (mm)
950 FS Special 90 keys 636 1000 300 560
1200 FS Special 1,200 keys 636 1200 305 560
1500 FS Special 1,500 keys 636 1200 310 560
1950 FS Special 1,950 keys 806 1500 320 560
2400 FS Special 2,400 keys 806 1500 325 560
3000 FS Special 3,000 keys 806 1800 434 560

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