Clear Fronted Key Cabinets Range

At Thornhill Security, our secure key cabinets range includes our range of clear fronted key cabinets, specifically designed to allow for better organisation of keys.

Our clear fronted key cabinets hold between 25 to 50 keys and are suitable in controlled environments such as a locked office, allowing for easy visual checks on the whereabouts of keys throughout the day.

Key Features of the Clear Fronted Key Cabinets Range

  • Perspex viewing panel allows for visual checks on keys without compromising on security.
  • Supplied with colour coded adjustable hook bars to enable keys to be categorised as required.
  • Key tags, rings, numbers and removable control index card are included for better organisation.
  • Supplied with two keys.
  • Available with alternative locking mechanisms including electronic and padlockable camlocks.

Specifications of the Clear Fronted Key Cabinets Range

Model Capacity Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Depth (mm)
30 View 30 keys 380 350 5 80
40 View 40 keys 380 450 6 80
50 View 50 keys 380 550 5 80

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