Keeping Your House Secure: National Home Security Month

yaleFor the fourth year in a row, Yale are running their National Security Month; to make homeowners aware of the rising rates of theft in the UK. Also highlighting what homeowners can do to keep their premises secure from theft and intruders this winter, with a different element of home security being covered throughout each week of October. At Thornhill Security, we have come up with our top tips to keep your home secure this October

Week 1 – Protecting Your Home and Belongings This Winter

National Home Security Month is kicking off with a series of hints and tips to keep your home, family and possessions safe throughout October and the rest of the year. As part of the first week, NHSM have released a home security checklist to ensure you are doing everything you can to keep your home secure from theft and break in. The checklist includes everything from gateways and external boundaries through to alarms and cctv, as well as interior security measures and tips for whilst you are away from home.

Week 2 – Total Home Security

Throughout Week 2, the traditional and mechanical security solutions that lock point to your home will be explored. At Thornhill, we take home security very seriously with Security Grilles for windows and doors to robust Steel Security Doors with 12 point locking mechanisms and multi-lock systems. For more information on effectively securing every entry point in your home, see our Domestic Security Guide.

Week 3 – Smart Security

Keyless lock

Throughout Week 3, smart security for homes will be covered. With constant advancements in technology, smart home security technology is at the forefront of complete home security – it may be that the home of the future has a fully competent home security system which can be operated from a smart phone or PC. We have seen the steadily growing popularity of our smart security products in recent times; our keyless digital locks from Yale are a favourite with customers due to their high security rating, code access eliminating the need for keys which can be lost, low power consumption and easy installation.

Week 4 – Rise in Thefts Due To Darker Nights

Throughout Week 4 of national home security month, Yale looks to raise awareness of thieves taking advantage of the darker nights. On October 30th the clocks in the UK will go back an hour; The darker nights enable thieves to operate more easily. Research from Cooperative Insurance indicates domestic bulgaries surge 38% following this time. Exterior security plays a huge part in ensuring your home does not become the target of a break in, our top tips for dealing with the darker nights are:

  • Install a burglar alarm, whilst these systems can be expensive. They are the ultimate deterrent to a break in. Cheap dummy alarms are also an option if you can’t afford a full system.
  • Keep things hidden; avoid leaving any valuables or ornaments in your windowsills. Be sure to draw your curtains at night. At the same time, make sure your window locks are visible.
  • Install exterior lighting, having motion activated lights on the front and back of your property stops burglars taking advantage of the darker nights.
  • Lock up your shed, if you have valuable tools in your shed, lock them up with a strong padlock – keep your tools out of sight by covering the shed windows at night.

Week 5 – Theft and Domestic Damage around Halloween and Bonfire Night

In Week 5, Yale will raise awareness to the increased rates of crime throughout Halloween and bonfire season. The insurance company Aviva reported that they have more burglary claims on bonfire night than any day of the year, because houses are left empty and unsecure whilst people attend the displays – take a look at our top tips for staying secure this bonfire night:

  • If you leave to watch a fireworks display, give the impression that your house is not empty, this can be done by leaving a talk show on the radio and setting up timers on your houses lights. Remember to activate your intruder alarm if you have one.
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain sight, keep them well hidden or secured in a locked safe, if you’re leaving the house and don’t have a safe – consider hiring
  • If you leave the house, or are hosting your own fireworks in your back garden, ensure all your homes windows and doors are locked shut.


Halloween can be one of the best nights of the year for anyone under a certain age; however, it is also one of the worst nights for vandalism. With claims of malicious damage to homes surging by 160% on Halloween – it’s no wonder Yale have decided to focus on Halloween as part of home security month. Here are our top tips for dealing with vandals on Halloween:

  • To avoid theft or vandalism, move your car into a locked garage or drive. If you don’t have this option, consider parking in a secure public car park or asking a friend or family member if you can park there for the night.
  • Having exterior security lights expose offenders greatly reduces the risk of your home being vandalised coupling this with a CCTV system enables you to present evidence to the police.

Complete Home Security at Thornhill Security

Regardless of the time of the year, you should always work to keep your home as secure as possible. Our expert team can advise you on security products that will work for you, regardless of your budget. Give us a call on 0117 9674994 for more information on how we can help you.

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