Keep your Van Man Safe! Protecting cash in your Vehicle

Vans, and in fact any vehicle, can be broken into easily and if your business requires cash handling out on the road then you could be a very easy target to be robbed or jacked. Even if you just need a secure way to transport valuables or documents in your car, vehicle safes can provide the perfect solution.

 How to choose your vehicle safe

There are a range of different sizes available in different brands, so you’ll need to work out how much space you will need in it.

For example, a taxi cab would just have a small amount of cash to be deposited and it would be emptied daily. A small safe would be appropriate. We would recommend the Burtons Mini Cash Guard.

Burton Mini Cash Guard

The safe has two locks, one for the base plate and another for the safe door. This allows for the body to be removed from the base plate without having access to the contents of the safe.

For larger vehicles, like lorries and vans on delivery rounds, there are bigger safes available with different types of deposit slots. There are also different security levels available depending on the requirements. All these safes have base plates to attach to the vehicle and the main safe body is locked in to these.

Deposit systems to choose from

Slot Top Safes – As in the Burtons vehicle safe shown above, the deposit system is a slot which is handy for small items or deposits of cash.

slot top safes

V Top Safes – The largest of the Burton vehicle safes has a V top which enables slightly larger items to be deposited.

v top safes

Roll Top Safes – These are very popular due to the extreme ease of use. The driver simply needs to place loose or bagged items or cash into the roller top, turn the roller handle and the contents drop into the safe compartment below.

roll top safes

More Help and Information

Many of these safes can be fitted easily yourself, however here at Thornhill Security in Bristol we are more than happy to install vehicle safes for you.

If you have any questions or need advice on the vehicle safe that is right for you then give us a call on 0117 967 4994 and one of our experienced team will be happy to advise you.