How Secure Is Your Office?

Running your own company can be a tricky business; there are so many important bits to be considering day in day out. From ensuring your employees are taken care of and your clients are happy to checking finances and making sure that you have Is Your Office Secure Enough?a healthy bottom line, your list of to dos are potentially endless.

As well as the aforementioned, making sure data is secure is a top concern for everyone involved at the workplace. The last thing you want is to impact both your business and your clients with a security breach. You may already have measures in place, but could they be improved? Or perhaps you’re not quite sure how to secure your workplace? Let the team at Thornhill help you with a few simple guidelines:

Secure Physical Documents

By putting in place simple to follow security policies your employees can learn the value of security, as well as their responsibility in protecting your organisations assets. Despite the advances in computers, email, mobile phones and other technologies many businesses still keep important documents on hard copies.

Losing confidential documents can be disastrous for your business. Securing away deeds, tax records, licences or customer information in Document Fire Safes are an excellent means of storing irreplaceable paperwork. All safes generally undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimum protection against theft, fire and even explosion.

It is also a good idea to consider a policy on who can handle valuable documents at the office. By doing so, you can keep better tabs on paperwork if anything should happen. We’d suggest giving keys or passes to only those who need to have access.

A Protected Key System

How many doors do you think you open each day, and do you really know who is dealing with what? It can be very easy for people to duplicate keys, and this could be a problem for many managers and CEOs who can no longer keep tabs on what is being accessed and by who.

Rather than risk the possibility of copied keys and lost documents we’d suggest that you invest in a patented or master key system. Just like patenting an idea or product you can patent a key to make sure it can’t be copied. The process means that it is illegal for a third party to produce a key that works in the patented lock. You can keep hold of any blank keys personally and gain copies with locksmiths who are under contract with the manufacturer if necessary.

You may also wish to design a master key system which works by determining which keys works with which door; you may want to give all key holders the ability to unlock the front door, whilst only the IT manager will perhaps have access to the server room. With the master key system you must ensure that the master key is kept safe as it will operate every lock in your facility. If it is ever lost or stolen you’d have to re-key the entire facility – definitely not ideal!

Why not go one step further and get every individual that receives a key to sign a key holder agreement stating that the key must not be loaned, any lost must be reported immediately and that all keys must be surrendered on termination of employment.

Extra Security With Key Cabinets

As mentioned above, it may be a good idea to allow certain personnel access to documents with specific keys or passes. But how can you safeguard these keys?

Key Cabinets are an ideal solution for offices, warehouse, hotels, hospitals and many other organisations wishing to enhance their security. With all your keys stores in one secure location, you can even opt to sign out your keys to maintain even higher levels of security.

Office Doors

Just one second is all the time necessary for a mobile phone, handbag, confidential information or a laptop to be stolen in the workplace. Why not secure your office with a code lock? Code-It is an innovative electronic security handle that conveniently reduces this danger by providing users, on touch, keyless locking for when you leave a room. Designed to work with most existing door locks it can replace the current handles.

Protection for Data

Another solution for ensuring the safety of your data and media such as disks, hard drives and back up/memory facilities are Data Storage cabinets.

Ideal for protecting customer data, or financial information against potential break-ins and in some cases other members of staff you can choose from mechanical or combination locks to suit your requirements.

Is Your Workplace Secure

There is much to consider when running a business, but security should never be overlooked. If you need help ensuring your business is protected against, fire, theft and unauthorised entry give the team at Thornhill Security a call on 0117 967 4994. Alternatively you can find a wealth of information on our blog.

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