Floor Safes

Under Floor safes for commercial or business use can be a very wise investment. Securing cash, important documentation and other valuables under the floor, conceals them completely to stop burglars from locating the safe. This also prevents thieves from causing damage whilst trying to open or remove a safe that had been in full view.

Our range of under floor safes come in a range of sizes with different cash ratings. The safes are designed to be encased in concrete to prevent removal. They have drill resistant doors, as well as waterproof covers to prevent water damage. There are a various locking systems with either manual or electronic keys. Keypad entry systems are also available so the safe can be opened with a unique pin code.

In a commercial setting, some of our underground safes come with a chute that reaches floor level so that staff can deposit takings and cash into the safe without having access to the safe itself. This increases the security levels as you can minimise or drastically reduce the number of people who have access to the safe.

Give us a call at Thornhill Security today on 0117 9674994, and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisers about our range of under floor safes. We will deliver your safe for FREE to UK mainland. If you require installation, we can give you a quote for that for full peace of mind.

Further Help and Advice

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