Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are an essential part of any office to store paperwork and customer information. Fire resistant filing cabinets go a step further and protect your documentation against fire. Our fire safes are also drop tested to simulate a collapsing building. They are designed to protect hanging files and come with two, three, four or five drawers.

More and more businesses are choosing to protect their paperwork in this way, not only for insurance purposes but to eradicate the chaos that would follow the loss of all this important documentation. For a business to lose all of their customer information would be an immeasurable loss.

Depending on your budget you can choose filing cabinets with varying fire protection ratings but most will give about 2 hours of protection against extreme heat and flames. You can also choose between key, digital or keypad locking systems which provide day to day security to protect your paperwork and sensitive information from theft or exposure.

Call one of the team here at Thornhill Security for expert advice on fire proof filing cabinets on 0117 9674994. We will give you unbiased advice as we stock many of the leading brands in security equipment.

Alternatively you can view a selection of filing cabinets below.

Further Help and Advice

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