Emergency Barricade – What, When and Why?

ERA Lockdown Door Security ImageIt’s scary to think that in this day and age we need such extreme security strategies in place to block out potential intruders. Unfortunately, the statistics and news we hear so regularly show us that these emergency products and plans are still very much needed.

High-risk environments such as warehouses, schools and airports to name a few, should have sufficient, effective and detailed plans on what to do should such an emergency situation unfold.

What is an emergency barricade?

A barricade is something physical that is erected across or in front of something to prevent or delay movement or force. For example, a chair in front of a door could be a barricade to stop a door opening, or a metal fence could be a barricade to control a crowd from entering a specific area.

An emergency barricade is most often used in a terror situation when an intruder may be trying to gain access to a room. There are a number of ways you can create a “DIY” barricade but we highly recommend the products on the market offering a more robust and reliable emergency obstruction.

When might you need to use one?

If exiting the building isn’t an option in an emergency situation, barricading a door may be the next logical step. This is particularly true if the intruder could be dangerous to either themselves or others.

As well as protecting the entrance to the room you are in, an emergency barricade can also be used to trap the intruder in by blocking all exit points. However, the main priority initially is keeping yourselves and those immediately around you safe and secure.

If you’re not sure what to do in an emergency attack situation, please do check with your employers or health and safety contacts as you may find there are different and safer alternatives for certain situations.


Remember that if you are in an emergency situation, in order to keep yourself safe you must follow the general rule given out to the public by emergency services which is RUN HIDE TELL.


Firstly, if you can, run. Consider your safest options and if there is a space to run to that is safe and won’t expose yourself to additional danger, then get there as quickly and safely as possible.


If you cannot run, hide. Remember that if you can see your attacker, they are highly likely able to see you. When hiding, be aware of your exits and surroundings to ensure you are out of sight, not trapped, and protected by something of a strong structure like a brick wall.


And finally, when it is safe to do so, tell someone. If you are able to talk to an emergency service operator, use your breathing to calm your voice down and they will ask you anything they need. This will usually include the location of the attack and suspect, descriptions of what they look like and information on anyone who has been hurt.

ERA LockDown

If your premises are at risk of an attack, it is vital to have suitable security measures in place. The ERA Lockdown is a free-standing security apparatus that can be deployed under both a single or double door in an emergency situation within seconds.

This strong and durable barricade works by keeping occupants safe inside a room and the threat out by causing a heavy block on the door. It works completely independently whether the door is lockable or not.

This device is designed to be fastened in to place quickly and buys you precious time to RUN HIDE TELL. Locating keys and other external locks isn’t an easy task when in an emergency situation whereas this device can be easily located if stored by the door at all times.

The ERA LockDown is suitable for both inwards and outwards door and can be easily transferred to other access points due to its lightweight if necessary.

Speak to us about emergency situations

It is relatively natural to think that these situations won’t ever happen to you, to your business or in your line at work but the figures on the news are too high to overlook.

Should you need further advice on the security of your premises then please give us a call today on 0117 967 4994.

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