Don’t let your Van be an Easy Target for Break Ins

According to Insurance figures, there are over 225,000 break-ins or attempted break-ins to vans each year, and these are just the ones that are reported. This equates to an average of 624 times per day that van owners or operators are targeted by thieves. Vans are of specific interest as they will usually contain valuable equipment or stock of some sort.

Van thieves are getting increasingly clever and staying one step ahead of them with good security is the key to deterring them. Often these road side break-ins need to be accomplished quickly before the culprits are seen, so adding extra security to the vehicle will not only act as a deterrent but will buy time so they are less likely to be able to finish the job before they are disturbed.

There are many locking systems and extra security measures that can be taken to protect your processions from being an easy target:

  • Keep valuables out of sight – vans where the goods are clearly on show will be targeted first as the thieves would rather know something is definitely in there, than gamble something might be. Window blanks can be used for this purpose.
  • Alarm system – thieves will often ‘bump’ a van first to see if there is an alarm system before they attempt to break in. Stickers to indicate the alarm is there is also a good deterrent. (Don’t actually tell them which alarm you have though as they may know how to disable it!).
  • Immobiliser – this will prevent the van being driven off.
  • Secure storage for equipment – lockable and secure storage for tools and equipment that is bolted into the inside of the van will also prevent theft if they manage to penetrate the vehicle.
  • Locks – extra locks to prevent or deter crow bar entry prove to be very effective.

A lock that we would recommend is the Mul-T-Lock® ArmaDLockTM.  It is a unique lock design, which can be bolted onto the surface of any van rear or sliding side door. This is a high performance security device and significant visual deterrent at the same time.

armaDlock mult-i-lock from Thornhill Security in Bristol Van locks

armaDlock mult-i-lock from Thornhill Security in Bristol Van locks on a white vanMul-T-Lock® ArmaDLockTM Features and Benefits:

  • Unique strong designs for rear doors and sliding side doors.
  • All in one security with physical lock mechanism located within system body.
  • Non-corrosive lock body solution with no hanging parts that could damage the vehicle bodywork.
  • Unique angled lock body to deflect hammer blows.
  • Solid steel locking bolt.
  • Integral cylinder mechanism dust cover to prevent ingress from road grime and environmental debris.
  • Easy to use, key to open and push button to lock.
  • Suitable for all van types.
  • High performance locking mechanism, and operated by a unique double-sided key.

If you would like any further advice on protecting your van and its contents, then please do call us on 0117 9674994.