Domestic Safes

Protection for your valuables in your home

Crime statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that there were 3.3 million incidents of theft in England and Wales for the year ending March 2020.

The most commonly stolen items in domestic burglaries are mobile phones, jewellery, cash, laptops and other small electrical items that can easily be located, carried out of the building and then quickly sold or converted into cash.

Installing a domestic safe is therefore a cost effective way to protect your valuables in the event of a break in at home.  In addition to theft, another key risk is fire so the purchase of a domestic safe that can protect against this is a key consideration.

At Thornhill Security we offer a full range of domestic safes suitable for installation within your home providing protection for your valuables.  All of our safes are insurance cash rated and many are also fire rated.  We can provide safes from all of the leading manufacturers covering a price range to suit all budgets

Our team of security experts are always on hand to help you purchase the most suitable safe for your needs and with our full safe installation service you can be confident that your safe will be properly installed in the most appropriate location in your home.


Protection for your important documents

The increase in identity theft over recent years means that not only do you need to protect your obvious valuables from theft but also your important documents such as passports, birth certificates, insurance policies and deeds.

It is often very difficult to replace many of these documents so protecting them not only from theft but also damage through fire or flood saves considerable time and inconvenience.

Whilst documents can be safely stored with other valuables in a home safe, another option is to purchase a security cabinet.  This gives the same level of security and protection but allows sufficient space for other items to be stored securely.

These are a particularly good option for people who work from home giving them the space to not only store their personal papers and valuables but also their work files which is particularly important if they contain confidential or personal information about clients or sensitive company information.

As with our home safes the team at Thornhill Security are always on hand to help you select the most suitable product for your needs and available space.  We can also help to install any safe or cabinet correctly within your home.

Call us on 0117 9674994 to get help with the purchase of a safe or security cabinet for your home.