Domestic Document Fire Safes

Protecting your important paper documents can be a worry for any business owner. Even though much documentation is digital now, there are still some documents, certificates or other perishable valuables that are irreplaceable and therefor need to be protected from theft or harm.

Our range of fire proof document safes will give you the peace of mind you need. They are designed to retain an internal temperature of less than 177°C to avoid damage to paperwork or cash. At temperatures higher than this; paper will be destroyed. Fire safes range in terms of the time they will maintain this low temperature and protect your documents. The fire resistance is given in minutes which range from 30 through to 180 minutes.

We also have a range of different cash ratings depending what protection you feel you need. Some fire document safes cannot be bolted down so these aren’t supplied with any cash rating. The cash rating relates to the amount of cash or valuables that can be stored in the safe and will be covered by your insurance company.

Protecting original documents such as Wills, deeds and tax records in these specially designed document safes will prevent theft, tampering or mishap which could be detrimental to your business or personal affairs.

You can view a small selection of our Document Fire safes below

Further Help and Advice

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