Coronavirus and Security – What You Need to Know

Coronavirus has impacted our day to day lives in ways that we have not seen in generations. Businesses deemed as non-essential have closed their doors, those that continue to work have migrated to remote working and a lockdown has been enforced across the UK.

Whilst the virus has brought out some of the best in humanity, there are unfortunately still some that are using the uncertainty and unprecedented nature of the situation to their advantage.

Read our latest blog on security considerations for coronavirus, ensuring that your business premises remains safe and secure throughout the pandemic.

MLA Approved Locksmiths Are Still Operating

Throughout the pandemic, many MLA approved locksmiths like us are still working, carrying out essential tasks in line with the latest Government recommendations for social distancing.

Customers should be aware that most locksmiths will not carry out work seen as non-essential, and that locksmiths will take extra precautions when carrying out work throughout the lockdown.

At Thornhill Security, we are currently operating a skeleton team and carrying out essential work for Government and healthcare premises. If you do need help with locksmithing, please do contact us and if we can’t help, we can recommend another MLA approved locksmith in your area.

Companies That Stockpile Goods are at Higher Risk

For essential businesses such as supermarkets, pharmacies and warehouses, extra stock is likely being brought in to cater for increased demands. Unfortunately, goods in high demand may be targeted by thieves who can resell them at a higher price.

If you are an essential business that is remaining open and holding extra goods throughout the pandemic, we recommend you invest in a commercial safe, strongroom or security cage to keep any additional goods secure.

At Thornhill Security, we offer a flexible safe rental service which allows customers to take on a safe on a hire basis for as long as they need it.

It is also recommended that any cash stored on the premises is stored in a secure cash safe, or that you urge customers to pay via card or contactless to reduce the amount of cash being handled – this reduces the risk of theft and also could slow down the spread of the virus.

Your Business Premises Could Be at Higher Risk

Whilst there are significantly fewer people out on the streets making the lives of the police easier, empty business premises that don’t have adequate security can be an easy target for burglars; particularly in remote locations. If your business premises is being left empty, we recommend the following:

  • Check your insurance documents to ensure that they cover an empty property, most will cease to provide full cover after the building has been unoccupied for 30 days.
  • If it’s safe and appropriate to do so, transport any high-value goods back to your home.
  • If you or a friend lives nearby, try and walk past the premises during your daily exercise time.
  • If you can, prevent any vehicles accessing the property by closing off entrances, this can be sealed with a padlock for an additional layer of security.
  • Ensure that any safes within your premises are locked shut and ideally secured in place. If this is not possible then you may consider moving it to your home.
  • If your premises uses a master key system, consider removing all access bar the master key temporarily.
  • If your business uses an access control system, consider changing the codes or taking back fobs from staff temporarily.

Cybercrime Rates are Increasing

With many people working from home, there has been an unfortunate spike in the rate of cybercrime, with scammers taking advantage of workers through phishing emails and calls.

If you are working from home, ensure you are extra cautious about any suspicious emails or calls you receive and always double-check with your superior if anyone is trying to facilitate the transfer of money.

If you’re a business owner, make sure that you consult with your IT company about keeping staff computers secure whilst working remotely; particularly if they are working from a personal laptop.

Help & Support from Thornhill Security

At Thornhill Security, we are still helping essential businesses keep their premises and stock safe and secure throughout this challenging time and have adapted are working to adhere to the latest Government guidance. We also have a wide range of stock in store which we can arrange to be delivered to your home or business premises if required.

If you would like further technical advice or information on the range of products we have available, call one of our team today on 0117 967 4994 or email

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