Commercial Security: Ensure Your Property Is Secure

Commercial Security Ensure Your Property Is SecureEvery business owner should make it a priority to ensure their commercial space, whether shop or warehouse, is safe and secure.

However, many individuals fail to understand the extent of truly secure protection. Whilst CCTV for example, is a great deterrent for opportunistic thieves, it is not always enough. Instead you should be ensuring that the attempt of a break in is deterred not only with outside security measures but to ensure physical objects cannot be taken if they make it inside.

Warehouse Mobile Phone Theft

Earlier this month police launched a manhunt in the Lancashire area after masked thieves stole £250,000 worth of mobile phones. The break-in of a local distribution centre has understandably struck a chord with many business owners across the area.

Thought to have been a ‘planned and organised’ break-in two men were captured on CCTV carrying out suspicious surveillance of the site a couple of days prior to the theft, before fleeing from security guards. The two incidents are believed to be linked.

According to the reports the thieves, undeterred by the CCTV, managed to gain entry to the warehouse through a window. Having located the inventory in relative speed they passed the mobile phones out through the window before climbing out and leaving the scene.

Lack of Security

Unauthorised entry to your premises can have significant consequences on you company as well as your employees. Did you know that offences against businesses are estimated to make a whopping 20% of all recorded crime in the UK? Additionally, despite the example above, the majority of recorded thefts are unplanned.

It is therefore essential that you look at ways in which you can improve your security; not just in terms of external deterrents but physical security from within your property too.

From The Outside

Securing your property from the outside is the obvious first step to take. Whilst most people will automatically seek CCTV and likely stop there, there are a number of further products which are aimed to both deter potential thieves and make it as hard as possible for them break in. Take a look below:

Security Grilles

Security Grilles are a versatile solution for additional levels of protection. Robust and fully retractable they are available to fit doors, windows, garages, and shop fronts. Like many security measures they can even help bring down the cost of insurance premiums.

Additionally, Security Grilles can be used internally to gate off and provide further security for specifically high risk areas.

Steel Security Doors

All too often, properties are broken into due to doors and entrant points that aren’t up to standard. With simple brute force, thieves are able to gain unauthorised entry quickly.

At Thornhill we provide high security steel doors with a range of locking mechanism to multi-lock systems. In fact, offering extra protection, they are both drill and impact proof as well as boasting an anti-jemmy bar lip to prevent crowbar entry by intruders.

Security Within Your Premises

Whilst external security is your first port of call, ensuring that the physical security within the building is up to scratch is key. Your final defence against burglars might just save you thousands:

Security Cages

Whether as a stand-alone system or combined for a more complex arrangement, Security Cages are the ideal solution for large, high value equipment which is too big or unsuitable for more standardised safes. They can even be designed and custom built to meet your specific requirements which may include:

  • the secure storage of hazardous materials
  • smaller plant and machinery from warehouses or building sites
  • security for computer services and other IT equipment where ventilation is as equally important as being locked away
  • restricting access to sensitive data or high volume valuables

At Thornhill we can also include additional features such as server room climate control and fire detection systems.

Secure Rooms

Built into the corner of a property, without disrupting the original building work and with the opportunity to easily move should the occasion arise, Secure Rooms are an effective solution against burglary, fire, and theft.

The fully enclosed security measures are 6 sided strong rooms where the walls, ceiling, and floor are all the same thickness. They are therefore ideal when you simply want to protect stock that doesn’t require additional measures such as controlled ventilation.

If all these levels of security are in place, it is highly unlikely that any thieves, even professionals would be able to make off with any of your processions or stock items. ‘Time’ is a burglars worst enemy, the sheer amount of time it would take to penetrate all of these security measures, only to be faced with a virtually bomb proof strong room at the final hurdle would mean their certain failure.

More Help and Information

Make sure that your security measures are up to the challenge of protecting your property. You should review your general security on a yearly basis in order to ensure that your property is adequately protected.

For more information regarding the appropriate security products for your commercial property give the team a call on 0117 967 4994.

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