Commercial Safes

A full range of security options for businesses

Businesses face an ongoing battle to protect their premises, stock, employees and other assets from both opportunistic and planned crime. Every year, millions of crimes against commercial premises are reported.

A quality commercial safe is one of the many tools a business can use to help protect its important documents, cash, data and other high value items from theft or damage from fire.

At Thornhill Security we have been installing commercial safes to a wide range of businesses for over 40 years and have the expertise to recommend the best safe to meet the needs of your business as well as fully install it within your business premises.

With commercial clients that include the MOD, Banks, Jewellers as well as other general businesses and a product range of high security safes from all major manufacturers, we can offer a wide choice of options to meet all required levels of security and budget.

Whether you are a small business looking to protect important documents, cash and cheque books in the office or a high end jeweller looking to securely store stock overnight, we can provide you with a tailored security solution.

Our commercial safes can offer fire protection for paper documents, come in a range of sizes and offer different locking options including key, digital and combination locks.  They are also Euro Graded and acceptable to all of the major insurance companies.

Specialist Commercial Safes

In addition to our large range of general safes for use by businesses we can provide a number of more specialist products designed for particular sectors or specific requirements:

Our team of security experts are always on hand to help you purchase the most suitable safe for your business needs and with our full safe installation service you can be confident that your commercial safe will be securely installed for maximum protection.

Call us on 0117 9674994 to get help with the purchase and installation of a safe, security cabinet or more specialist product for your business.