Commercial Document Fire Safes

Protect Important Documents with a Document Fire Safe

Fire Proof safes for storing irreplaceable paperwork for businesses and enterprises can save important documents not only from theft but also from being destroyed in a fire or explosion. Businesses often store away deeds, registration documents, tax records or licences. Protecting these against any mishap will save a business a lot of time and effort required to replace them.

At Thornhill we can help you to choose your document fire safe to meet all your requirements; they come in many sizes depending on how much paperwork you need to store. They are also available with different fire ratings, meaning the amount of time the contents of the safe will be kept intact from fire and heat exposure. These are rated from 30 minutes through to 120 minutes of protection.

These safes undergo rigorous testing to gain their ratings. The safes are placed in a furnace preheated to 1095°C to simulate the temperatures reached where an explosion may occur. The safes are also drop tested after being exposed to the heat to simulate falling through a collapsing building.

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Further Help and Advice

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