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Securikey Recyclable Safes Range Available at Thornhill

Securikey Recyclable Safes Range Available at Thornhill

In the last few years the number of environmentally friendly products has grown in all areas of life. It is increasingly important that we do our bit to preserve the world’s resources and minimise our impact on the environment.

This is just as true for the security industry, where manufacturer Securikey has recently launched a new range of recyclable safes. As part of our responsibility to the environment, we are proud to announce that we are now stocking the full range of Securikey recyclable safes.

Find out more about the new Securikey range, what makes it unique and what to do if you have old safe you want to get rid of in our latest blog post.

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How to Keep your Home Secure – National Home Security Month 2019

How to Keep your Home Secure – National Home Security Month 2019

How secure would you say your home is? It would seem that a good number of adults in the UK are confident that their home and possessions are safe with 28% not taking any security precautions at all.

However, the stats from the Office of National Statistics say otherwise with theft rates having risen by 13% between March 2017 and March 2019. That’s why Yale’s National Home Security Month seeks to highlight how homeowners can keep their homes more secure with a different focus for each week of October.

Read on to find out more about the security issues that are being focussed on this National Home Security Month.

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Farm Security – Tips for Protecting Agricultural Premises

Farm VehicleEarlier in the month, we spotted this article by the BBC on rural crime and how it has rocketed over the past few years. Many farmers have turned to ‘medieval’ type security measures such as forming earth walls and ditches to hinder casual crime.

Does this make you concerned about your own agricultural security? Whether you prefer to use older methods or modern security, it’s important to make sure you think about all angles and possibilities.

The best way decide what security is best for you is to put yourself in the mind of a criminal. If you were going to carry out a robbery on your own farm, what are your entrance routes, blind spots and how easy would it be?

By determining the risks, you may find that you can put some really simple measures in place to help keep yourself, farm, stock and assets safe.

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Why Use An MLA Approved Locksmith?

When searching for a locksmith, you may have noticed the term MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) on some locksmith’s websites, flyers or other marketing material.

The Master Locksmiths Association are a non-profit organisation and are the largest, most established and longest running Locksmith Association in the UK.

Thornhill Security has been a member of the MLA since 1998, with our MD and Founder, Phil Hill being an approved member since 1973.

So, what is the MLA set up to do? And why should you use an MLA approved locksmith? Find out in our latest blog post.

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The Ultimate Guide To Securing Your Shed In Bristol

How secure is your shed? Unfortunately for some residents in the Bristol area, they have been subject to a spate of shed break-ins, with mainly bikes and tools being stolen. With over 11 shed break-ins within less than a week, it’s clear that a padlock alone isn’t enough to keep your outbuilding and the valuables inside safe anymore and with a recent study by Halifax revealing the average Britons shed contains up to £2,000 worth of valuables, it’s certainly worth investing in your shed security.

Find out more about how to keep your outbuilding secure, including police recommendations along with product suggestions and advice from our expert team.

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Keeping Your House Secure: National Home Security Month

yaleFor the fourth year in a row, Yale are running their National Security Month; to make homeowners aware of the rising rates of theft in the UK. Also highlighting what homeowners can do to keep their premises secure from theft and intruders this winter, with a different element of home security being covered throughout each week of October. At Thornhill Security, we have come up with our top tips to keep your home secure this October

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Warning To Students and Landlords Alike

retro robber in mask with skeleton keys 287x300 1With the first semester at universities across the country in full swing, many students will have unfortunately become victim to some form of theft. In fact, it has been claimed that students are one of the highest at-risk groups of crime in the country due to their possession of high value items such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

According to various studies, one third of students are expected to become a victim of crime whilst at university. And with thousands of youngsters leaving home and arriving on campus every year such figures aren’t expected to fall anytime soon. However, a few simple security tips, for both students and landlords alike, could help reduce your chance of falling victim. Read on for professional advice when it comes to securing your belongings in a student home:

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Could Social Media Sharing Lead to a Home Break In?

Social mediaSummer has all too suddenly approached and thousands are jetting off on their summer holidays. How do we know? Well, thanks to countless airport check-ins, poolside selfies, scenic views, and status’ declaring holiday makers won’t be making their journey home for another 2 weeks, burglars can located your every move.

In fact, one survey suggests that 75% of convicted burglars have admitted thieves often turn to social media to target their victims. Unfortunately this form of attack is on the rise as criminals turn their hands to social media stalking in order to facilitate their crimes. The good news however, is that you can minimise your social footprint and make their jobs much more difficult with just a few simple rules.

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Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Last month Which? released statistics highlighting the number of people falling victim to Protect yourself against identity theftidentity fraud in the UK. The shocking numbers suggested that the rate of fraud has risen by almost a third.

Fraud prevention service, Cifas, confirmed that during the first quarter of 2015 there were 34,151 instances of identity fraud recorded. These rising figures are somewhat shocking and are definitely preventable with the right measures undertaken. Read on for more information regarding identity fraud and how you can help avoid becoming a victim.

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