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Secure Rooms Through the Ages – Personal and Commercial Protection

Chubb ModuleGuard

A secure room is an effective solution for both commercial and domestic use when a standard safe isn’t large enough or if a higher level of security is required. Though out history, people have used secure rooms to protect themselves or their possessions, from potential threat or theft. We have started back in Egyptian times, but earlier eras will also have used similar forms of protection.

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How Secure Is Your Office?

Running your own company can be a tricky business; there are so many important bits to be considering day in day out. From ensuring your employees are taken care of and your clients are happy to checking finances and making sure that you have Is Your Office Secure Enough?a healthy bottom line, your list of to dos are potentially endless.

As well as the aforementioned, making sure data is secure is a top concern for everyone involved at the workplace. The last thing you want is to impact both your business and your clients with a security breach. You may already have measures in place, but could they be improved? Or perhaps you’re not quite sure how to secure your workplace? Let the team at Thornhill help you with a few simple guidelines:

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Optimum Security with Secure Rooms

Whilst secure rooms can often lend themselves as domestic solutions where standard safes are Optimum Protection With Secure Rooms not large enough and where high levels of security is required, they are ideally suited for businesses too.

Whether you wish to secure personal valuable items, or hold high value stock such as a jewellers, bank or hotel and wish to protect these assets against burglary, theft, fire and explosion a secure room is an excellent investment for both domestic and commercial use.

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The World’s Most Secure Vaults

Have you ever wondered where all the world’s gold is stashed away? Or where history’s most important artefacts are safeguarded? And maybe you’ve questioned just how secure a Government official building can be?

We’ll we’d like to introduce you to some of the world’s most impenetrable vaults. Not only will you be astounded by the sheer volume of valuables the world has on offer but just how impossible it would be to even think about breaking into any of them.

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A Spate of Stolen Cars Calls For Higher Security

In recent weeks residents in the Kingswood and Fishpond areas of Bristol have been targeted by thieves breaking into homes in order to acquire car keys before driving off with the vehicle parked on the drive.

Police are warning residents across Bristol of the consequences when leaving valuables in plain sight as it is suggested that those burgled had left items in easy reach of unsecured doors and windows. There were even 3 incidents where thieves attained car keys through cat flaps.

Fortunately 15 of the 18 stolen vehicles have been recovered and returned to their owners, but this recent spate of burglaries calls for more security measures in place at home.

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Vault Rooms – Protecting High Value Assets

Thornhill Security explains how Vault Rooms can meet rising demands for optimum security from institutions and companies concerned about protecting their high value assets.

An increasing number of institutions and companies are concerned about protecting their high value assets. Banks, pharmaceutical companies and commercial business are examples of those who have recently expressed such concerns.

In response to this issue, a rising number are realising the value of a Vault Room (Hyperlink). Easy to install and packed full of quality features, this bespoke and future-orientated solution is proven to meet the demand for optimum security.

Advantages of Prefabricated Construction:-

  • Fast assembly or disassembly
  • Good utilisation of existing space
  • High volumn of use due to reduced wall thickness
  • Future expansion – the Vault Room can be increased in size by adding more panels
  • Vault Rooms can be supplied to various quality Grades from Grade V to X11 and are tested by the ECBS to the latest security standard CEW 1143-1

How Vault Rooms are Made

A Vault Room consists of modular panels assembled together using a welded method of construction.  On completion, the appearance of the Vault can be improved by traditional methods e.g. plasterboard, cladding or blockwork and plaster finish.  The room is secured by a Vault Door to the same security standard.  Floor and roof panels are manufactured to the same strength as the wall panels.  Roof panels are manufactured to the maximum lengths as provided in the product specification.  Roof panels exceeding the panel lengths will require an internal support structure.  This can be designed to suit the internal layout of the Vault. Each individual panel is supplied with 2 x 21mm diameter cranked entry points to allow access for power, alarm and telephone cables.  Bespoke positions can be specified should the client request.

Vault Room Supply and Installation

Dependant on the project requirements, Vaults can be supplied and installed in both 5-sided and 6-sided structures.  Thornhill Security will work with you through any project, from initial discussion focusing on requirements and objectives.  We will then suggest a design to conform with your needs.  Upon design finalisation, specification and layout, schematic drawings will be raised along with a project schedule.

Installation is carried out by Thornhill Security-trained staff, including handover and instruction on using locking mechanism.

 For a free consultation, call our Vault Room experts on 0117 9674994, or email us at and we’ll get back to you.

Burton Safes are ‘Police Approved’

The Safe Team at Thornhill Security explains the benefits of Burton Safes being ‘Police Approved’.

As a South-West agent for Burton Safes, Thornhill Security are delighted to announce that they have become members of the Official Police Security Initiative ‘Secured by Design’ or SBD for short.

This allows us to make the claim that qualifying security safes within the product range are officially ‘Police Approved’. Burton Safes are delighted about this recognition, which should help the general public when deciding which safe to choose, in a wide and varied market place.

 Over the next few months ‘Police Preferred Specification’ logos will start to appear on qualifying security products. Thornhill Security Ltd is an approved supplier and installer of these products.

Security Products currently approved under the SBD scheme include:-

 1. Evo S1 (Proline

2. Evo S2 (Proline)

3. Comiline (Proline)

4. Karat (Proline)

5. Diplomat (Proline)

6. Eurovalut S2

7. Eurovault Aver grade 0

8. Eurovault Aver grade 1

9. Eurovault Aver grade 2

10. Eurovault Aver grade 3

11. Firesec 4/60

12. Firesec 10/60

13. Governor CD

Chubb Cobra Safes for Sale

Thornhill Security are now stockists of the new Chubb Cobra Grade 1 range of Security Safes.

The new Cobra Grade 1 offers secure storage for cash and valuables in a cost-effective, compact solution for customers wanting Grade 1 Protection with Chubbsafes quality.

The range has 3 different sizes 40 litre, 80 litre and 150 litre capacity to choose from and has been approved by the European Certification Board of Security and carries a Grade 1 certificate in accordance with the European norm for burglary protection EN1143-1.

Chubb Safes can be provided with key or combination locking plus extra features including ergonomic soft touch handle, interior ladder racking system for flexible positioning of multiple shelves, one shelf supplied as standard, plus thinner walls for increased internal capacity.

 Please contact us for more information on the Chubb Cobra safe range. For a competitive quote call 0117 9674994, email us at or visit our Contact Us page for the online enquiry form.