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Christmas Security: Our Top 7 Tips

Christmas Security TipsChristmas brings excitement for many, both children and adults alike. The delights of festive foods, gift giving, and spending time with the family are the pinnacles of a great Christmas. But, unfortunately, Christmas is also a prosperous and joyous occasion for thieves across the globe.

Caught up in festive spirit many individuals and homeowners lose sense of keeping their homes and belongings secure. Subject to a higher than normal value of contents, thanks to a pile of gifts, gadgets, and jewellery our homes are a hotspot for burglar activity as we leave them unattended to enjoy parties and visit relatives. So rather than let your home become subject to a real life Grinch literally stealing Christmas, ensure your property, cars, and gifts are out of prying hands. Follow our top tips below:

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Keeping your Work Equipment Secure When Working From Home

Working from home has increased immensely this year in the light of the COVID pandemic. In April during lockdown 46% of us were working from home and whilst the government encouraged workers to return to offices in August, they have had to revert to their working form home where possible guideline as the number of COVID cases begin to rise again.

Many organisations had already taken the decision to keep employees working from home until January 2021, whilst some businesses have gone further and chosen to close their offices altogether and completely revert to their workforce working remotely.

Whichever group you fall in to, it is clear that businesses and individuals need to be thinking longer term and to assess in particular the security measures they have for protecting valuable equipment and kit.

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Say Goodbye To Big Sets Of Keys With A Master Key System

Thornhill security master keyYear upon year, commercial and retail industries experience the most amount of crime compared to any other sector with over 12,000 crimes reported in 2015 in the UK. This figure is far lower than previous years as many retailers have worked to improve the security of their businesses. Security is paramount to any business who wants to prevent crime against them, a break in can have devastating effects on a business and depending on the nature of the break it can compromise client confidentiality.

Thornhill security offers you peace of mind against internal and external crime in the form of the master key system

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Chain Reaction DNA – the New Door Chain

The team at Thornhill Security explains the benefits of this a new door chain going by the name of “Chain Reaction DNA”.

The majority of residential burglaries committed in the UK are through an external door. Sometimes thieves resort to more extreme methods to steal property without the house alarm being activated, often to gain access to the owners vehicle keys, so as to make off without activating the vehicle’s alarm, immobilizer or tracking system.

These crimes are known as “aggravated burglaries” here in the UK and “home invasions” or “forced entries” in other parts of the world. Put simply, once a home owner has gone to receive a caller at the door and opens the entrance, the caller uses force to gain unlawful entry. Alternatively criminals may force illegal entry through a locked door.

Now a product is available named “Chain Reaction DNA”, which has been developed in the UK. It is specifically designed to ease the fear associated with doorstep crime. It assists police in the detection and apprehension of intruders by using the latest in DNA trace technology and provides the Crown Prosecution Service with irrefutable scientific evidence.

How the Chain Reaction DNA Door Chain Works

Installed unobtrusively to the inside of the door, the Chain Reaction DNA chain provides extra resistance to forced entry and a very high decibel, thief-distracting alarm is triggered automatically should the door be forced open

The intruder will be sprayed with a unique DNA trace, which is registered at point of installation and synonymous to the address it has been installed. This allows the police to connect the perpetrator directly to the crime scene and can be used as forensic evidence in a court of law

The DNA is held within a canister which is housed within the product and there are in excess of one billion codes; no two canisters being the same

The liquid which is expelled is a clear non-toxic substance and can remain on clothes, skin and hair for months, depending on the frequency of exfoliation and washing

At Thornhill Security, we believe this product eases the fear associated with doorstep crime, which is unfortunately occurring more often. At the same time it will increase the burglar’s fear of getting caught and convicted. Warning stickers to display on windows at the point of installation will, in many cases, act as a deterrent in itself, making a burglar think of going for easier pickings elsewhere.

This product, however, is not a DIY product and would need to be installed by a registered and approved installer, such as ourselves. If you like the sound of this product (you won’t like the alarm sound mind you!), then call one of our expert security advisors on 0117 967 4994 for a free consultation and quote.

New Products Available From Thornhill Security

New ProductTo stay on top of our security game the team at Thornhill are constantly on the lookout for new and improved security measures. And this month has been no different.

Currently stocking a range of both Yale and Securikey products such as Digital Locks and Key Cabinets, we now have two more solutions to add to our offering. Find out what these are below and how you could benefit from the latest improvements and features.

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Smart Burglars – Are Crowbars a Thing of the Past?

10881 300x300 1Think of a burglar and what do you picture? Maybe you imagine an individual in a black and white stripped top, black eye mask, a swag bag over his shoulder and a crow bar in the other hand. Well, this stereotypical view is certainly no longer the case, if it ever was, as smart burglars are unfortunately making themselves known.

In the digital age, the internet and associated apps allow us to do things we could once never thought possible. However, despite their praised ability to aid and change daily life, some burglars are taking advantage of the good natured intentions of mobile applications. Read on and ensure you out smart these so-called ‘smart’ burglars: Continue reading

Security Grilles: Keeping You Secure At All Times

door 300x200 1Ensuring the security of your home or business property should be of the highest concern. Did you know that it only takes 12 minutes for a thief to gain access to your home and run off with all of your valuables?

It shouldn’t be that easy. Ensure that your home is a target best avoided with high quality security measures. Along with locks, safes, and sensible living why not invest in security grilles? They’re particularly beneficial throughout the summer; let us explain:

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New ENTR Smart Solution from Mul-T-Lock

Mul-T-Lock are now offering a new smart solution in the form of the ENTR access control lock ENTR Smart Lock and Thornhill would like to introduce you to this fantastic new product.

Access control systems, like this one, allows you full control over who has access to your premises, whether at home or for the office. Doors will automatically lock on closure and only those with a secure PIN or access token will have the ability to re-open the door and enter the building, or specific area.

For a secure and convenient solution Mul-T-Lock have designed this new smart control access lock system ideal for any home or commercial premises. Easy to install, with no drilling or wiring required, the ENTR can be mounted directly onto almost any existing door type and size. The stylish design comprises of a number of convenient features such as finger print reader, battery power and smartphone access.

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How Secure Is Your Office?

Running your own company can be a tricky business; there are so many important bits to be considering day in day out. From ensuring your employees are taken care of and your clients are happy to checking finances and making sure that you have Is Your Office Secure Enough?a healthy bottom line, your list of to dos are potentially endless.

As well as the aforementioned, making sure data is secure is a top concern for everyone involved at the workplace. The last thing you want is to impact both your business and your clients with a security breach. You may already have measures in place, but could they be improved? Or perhaps you’re not quite sure how to secure your workplace? Let the team at Thornhill help you with a few simple guidelines:

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