Burg Wachter Door eGuard Available At Thornhill Security

new productsAs part of our commitment to being at the forefront of new technologies, we now stock the Door eGuard DG8100 electronic door spy hole from Burg Wachter. This innovative product allows users to view who is outside their home on a digital screen – eliminating the struggle of traditional spyholes.

Find out more about the Door eGuard DG8100 and how it can benefit you:

Peace Of Mind For The Elderly

According to the Office for National Statistics, there were 695,000 cases of domestic burglary throughout 2015 and all too often, we hear stories of intruders forcing their way into elderly people’s homes, chain locks aren’t always strong enough to prevent unauthorised entry once the door is part way open.

The eGuard makes the perfect security solution for the elderly to prevent break-ins and promote independent living, allowing for elderly or young people to view who is at the door on the LCD panel for allowing entry.

At A Glance: Key Features Of The Door eGuard

  • Image displayed after 1 second
  • Clear, sharp high quality image even in moderate light
  • Quick, easy installation – can be done without a locksmith
  • Runs on normal AAA batteries
  • Eliminates risks of opening doors to intruders
  • Eliminates struggle of traditional spy hole for young children, the elderly or the disabled

Specifications Of The Door eGuard

Minimum Door Width3.8 cm
Maximum Door Width  11 cm
Width68 mm
Weight100 g
Screen Size Diagonal 3.2”
Length125 mm
Viewing Angle 105 degrees
Drill Hole Diameter 14 – 22 mm


Installation of the Door eGuard is quick and easy, the device slots into the same hole as your existing spy hole, so only a drill and a few basic tools are needed. The device comes with instructions and we are more than happy to install the Door eGuard for you if required.

Innovative Security Solution For Flats

Burglars often target flats because they have communal entrances that may be left open or aren’t effective. As your door is your last line of defence it’s very important you keep it secure, along with taking advantage of the security features of the Door eGuard, there are a few other important considerations when ensuring safety in your flat:

  • Internal letterbox shields prevent your keys from being ‘fished’ through the letterbox
  • Be vigilant when opening the door to somebody you do not know
  • Investing in a jewellery safe gives you a safe place to store your valuables in the event of a break-in
  • If you’re on the ground floor, remember to lock your windows when not in use or when you go out
  • Don’t leave your keys under the doormat or anywhere obvious, if you are prone to losing keys – invest in digital locks
  • If your communal entrance is not effective, urging your landlord to fit a master key system can provide a secure entrance to the building for those designated a key

If you’re concerned about the security of your home, take a look at our full domestic security guide.

More Help and Advice

At Thornhill Security, we are committed to helping keep your home secure; we can help you every step of the way from initial purchase to installation in maintenance. If you want to find out more about the door eGuard or any of our other products, give us a call on 0117 9674994.


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