A Case Study: Cassaforte Relocation

Here at Thornhill we know our safes. We know what is best suited for domestic use, and the degree of security required for commercial properties. We even specialise in products such as vaults, secure rooms, security grilles, and security cages. Without blowing our own trumpet we know a lot about this particular subject.

It therefore isn’t often that we come across something we haven’t seen before. Something a little unusual. But that was the case recently when we were called out to relocate a safe from a client’s garage into their house.

As you may notice from the photo to your right, the safe isn’t your average jewellery, floor, or even cash safe. In fact, it is more than 250 years old and rich in fantastic history and surprise. So, not only a challenge for the team to move, but an exciting and interesting job. Read on and discover more about this unique safe passed through family generations:

 Our Clients Story

Intrigued by its extravagance and where you could possibly come across something as such, we asked our client to share their story.

The safe, (possibly French manufactured near Nice) or Cassaforte as referred to by our Italian client, was found by her uncle’s employee in 1966 during the rebuild of a monastery on the hills of Santuario Mondovi in Piemonte, Italy. Her father then visited the site and told the head of the monastery that he was very interested in purchasing the safe for himself.

The transport to their family house in Ceva was the first of a few hurdles, where a specialist company was called to lift the safe with a crane to the second floor of the family home in Ceva. There was then the task of finding a person able and willing to clean it by hand with a wire brush as well as a rotating drill. After just a couple of weeks the task was completed and the safe took pride of place.

Believed to have originated from the Lerins Islands just off the south of France, famous for where the man in the Iron Mask was held captive, circa 1740, this safe was quite a find. The family were later told that the safe was originally a travelling safe of the Cistercian monks, of which a monastery is found on one of the islands. It was used to store their gold and silver calices, candelabra, all church service apparatus and gold.

In 1977, after the death of her Father, our client’s sister Marisa decided to give a home to the family safe, Again a specialist company was called. It took some investigation and patience as only specialist companies were able to, or even interested in relocating the safe in the hills of Turin.

And relocation did not stop there. From Turin, to London, to Antibes, and now to the West Country. The Thornhill team have safely relocated this majestic safe to its new home.

 Discovering The Secret Keyholes

 To open the safe there are four secret compartments. Find these and the keyholes are exposed allowing four keys to be inserted in sequence, to enable the doors to be opened.

Safe Relocation

Relocating any safe requires specific expertise and suitable equipment. Attempting to do so yourself could be dangerous, not simply in terms of bodily harm but risk of extensive damage to floors, stairs, or even buildings if dropped. It is therefore vital that you seek the help of a professional safe removal team.

With proper training, knowledge, and suitable equipment we can relocate or remove your safe easily and without causing harm. And as our story above highlights there certainly isn’t anything we can’t overcome when it comes to size and logistics.

 If you are moving home, relocation, or simply in need of moving your existing safe, then give the team at Thornhill Security a call on 0117 967 4994 for more help and information.

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