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Chain Reaction DNA – the New Door Chain

The team at Thornhill Security explains the benefits of this a new door chain going by the name of “Chain Reaction DNA”.

The majority of residential burglaries committed in the UK are through an external door. Sometimes thieves resort to more extreme methods to steal property without the house alarm being activated, often to gain access to the owners vehicle keys, so as to make off without activating the vehicle’s alarm, immobilizer or tracking system.

These crimes are known as “aggravated burglaries” here in the UK and “home invasions” or “forced entries” in other parts of the world. Put simply, once a home owner has gone to receive a caller at the door and opens the entrance, the caller uses force to gain unlawful entry. Alternatively criminals may force illegal entry through a locked door.

Now a product is available named “Chain Reaction DNA”, which has been developed in the UK. It is specifically designed to ease the fear associated with doorstep crime. It assists police in the detection and apprehension of intruders by using the latest in DNA trace technology and provides the Crown Prosecution Service with irrefutable scientific evidence.

How the Chain Reaction DNA Door Chain Works

Installed unobtrusively to the inside of the door, the Chain Reaction DNA chain provides extra resistance to forced entry and a very high decibel, thief-distracting alarm is triggered automatically should the door be forced open

The intruder will be sprayed with a unique DNA trace, which is registered at point of installation and synonymous to the address it has been installed. This allows the police to connect the perpetrator directly to the crime scene and can be used as forensic evidence in a court of law

The DNA is held within a canister which is housed within the product and there are in excess of one billion codes; no two canisters being the same

The liquid which is expelled is a clear non-toxic substance and can remain on clothes, skin and hair for months, depending on the frequency of exfoliation and washing

At Thornhill Security, we believe this product eases the fear associated with doorstep crime, which is unfortunately occurring more often. At the same time it will increase the burglar’s fear of getting caught and convicted. Warning stickers to display on windows at the point of installation will, in many cases, act as a deterrent in itself, making a burglar think of going for easier pickings elsewhere.

This product, however, is not a DIY product and would need to be installed by a registered and approved installer, such as ourselves. If you like the sound of this product (you won’t like the alarm sound mind you!), then call one of our expert security advisors on 0117 967 4994 for a free consultation and quote.