Monthly Archives: January 2016

A Case Study: Cassaforte Relocation

The large safeHere at Thornhill we know our safes. We know what is best suited for domestic use, and the degree of security required for commercial properties. We even specialise in products such as vaults, secure rooms, security grilles, and security cages. Without blowing our own trumpet we know a lot about this particular subject.

It therefore isn’t often that we come across something we haven’t seen before. Something a little unusual. But that was the case recently when we were called out to relocate a safe from a client’s garage into their house.

As you may notice from the photo to your right, the safe isn’t your average jewellery, floor, or even cash safe. In fact, it is more than 250 years old and rich in fantastic history and surprise. So, not only a challenge for the team to move, but an exciting and interesting job. Read on and discover more about this unique safe passed through family generations:

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