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The Dangers of Safe Removal Without the Aid of a Professional

Safe LockWe understand that it might be tempting to gather a group of friends or colleagues and attempt to move your safe from one location to another. Despite small hallways and a number of stairs you still believe you can give it a good go. However, with this mind set you are likely putting yourself and others in danger of a number of risks.

In fact, just last month we heard of a case similar to the above which ended in disaster. Therefore we wanted to explain to you the importance of hiring a professional team to aid in the relocation and removal of your existing safe. Read on for more information:

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Warning To Students and Landlords Alike

retro robber in mask with skeleton keys 287x300 1With the first semester at universities across the country in full swing, many students will have unfortunately become victim to some form of theft. In fact, it has been claimed that students are one of the highest at-risk groups of crime in the country due to their possession of high value items such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

According to various studies, one third of students are expected to become a victim of crime whilst at university. And with thousands of youngsters leaving home and arriving on campus every year such figures aren’t expected to fall anytime soon. However, a few simple security tips, for both students and landlords alike, could help reduce your chance of falling victim. Read on for professional advice when it comes to securing your belongings in a student home:

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