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Don’t let your Van be an Easy Target for Break Ins

According to Insurance figures, there are over 225,000 break-ins or attempted break-ins to vans each year, and these are just the ones that are reported. This equates to an average of 624 times per day that van owners or operators are targeted by thieves. Vans are of specific interest as they will usually contain valuable equipment or stock of some sort.

Van thieves are getting increasingly clever and staying one step ahead of them with good security is the key to deterring them. Often these road side break-ins need to be accomplished quickly before the culprits are seen, so adding extra security to the vehicle will not only act as a deterrent but will buy time so they are less likely to be able to finish the job before they are disturbed. Continue reading

A Spate of Stolen Cars Calls For Higher Security

In recent weeks residents in the Kingswood and Fishpond areas of Bristol have been targeted by thieves breaking into homes in order to acquire car keys before driving off with the vehicle parked on the drive.

Police are warning residents across Bristol of the consequences when leaving valuables in plain sight as it is suggested that those burgled had left items in easy reach of unsecured doors and windows. There were even 3 incidents where thieves attained car keys through cat flaps.

Fortunately 15 of the 18 stolen vehicles have been recovered and returned to their owners, but this recent spate of burglaries calls for more security measures in place at home.

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