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Understanding the Importance of Secure Vault Doors

The importance of locking and accessing a room cannot be understated and there is nowhere more important than a Vault Room. The experienced Vault Team at Thornhill Security explain more.

A vault room must provide the highest level of protection whilst allowing flexible and efficient access for authorised persons. Vault Doors can be supplied to meet various insurance risk levels and this can vary between Euro Grade V to XII and can be provided with a grille gate to provide further security to the main door.

The main vault door would be supplied with a key lock and numeric combination locks as standard; however this could be replaced with a high-security electronic lock, which would have an extensive range of features, such as:

  • Protected code entry
  • Automatic recording
  • Timelock function
  • Time delay
  • Remote release of external motoring
  • Silent alarm
  • Arms and disarms EMA
  • Allows multiple users – maximum of 10
  • User management

Vault Doors can also be prepared for use with an alarm system. This includes an invisible alarm cable entry and a mounting plate onto which an alarm system can be placed.

Call us at Thornhill Security on 0117 9674994 for a free consultation and advice. Our Vault Team can guide you throughout the process of planning and conception of the project and the door will be delivered and installed by our trained staff. The flexibility of the installation process is evidence of Thornhill’s commitment towards ensuring cost and time efficient completion of any project.